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Carlos Gutterres & Wayne Hackett

Ready for more

vitality, clarity 

and joy?

Learn from two of the most respected and seasoned instructors of  Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy in the world. 

   Learn the simple practices and philosophical concepts that will help you restore physical, mental and emotional balance with your own hands, literally. This practice helps develop awareness, self confidence and enthusiasm, so we can move with the flow of life and constant transformation processes. 
   According to Mary Burmeister, the study and practice of this Art enables us to know the essence of human nature, allowing us to perceive, understand and transform our reality without effort, just naturally. This is how we can recognize the wisdom of our bodies and of life, understand their messages and use them to create harmony and health. 

The Art of Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

The great interest of Brazilian instuctor Carlos Guterres in the mysteries of nature and human beings has encouraged him, from an early age, to seek answers in philosophy, psychology, numerology, astrology, cabala and other expressions of acient wisdom. He has been dedicated to the study, practise, teaching, research and dissemination of Jin Shin Jyutsu since 2002. He will be ending his activities as an instructor of the Art in 2020.

Wayne Hackett was born and raised in California, having dedicated his early education to dental studies and later specializing in sciences and secondary education. An ever curious mind, eager to find his true path, led him to meet Mary Burmeister in 1977, his teacher and constant source of inspiration. He has since dedicated his life to studying, practicing and teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu all over the world. He has a particular fascination with the esoteric significance of symbols (numbers) and cosmic geometry (planetary relationships).

Who are the instructors?

Carlos Gutterres

Wayne Hackett

What is the purpose of the class?

The focus is on the presentation of the three self-application books written by Mary Burmeister. Teachers teach and encourage each one to take care of themselves, but they also reveal the philosophical aspect that permeates each page of these three books. Suitable for everyone who seeks self-knowledge, the course caters to those who want the first contact with Jin Shin Jyutsu as well as those who already study the Art and would like to access the deeper dimensions of its philosophical aspects. The wealth of this class is also of great value to those dedicated to teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu at the self-help level.


Daily classes from May 24th to 31st.

The course runs from Sunday to Sunday. During the 8 days, live online classes

will happen over 3h00,

with 2 intervals.


São Paulo, BR (GMT -3) 2pm to 5:30pm Lisbon, PT (GMT +1) 6pm to 9:30pm

LA, USA (GMT -7) 10am to 1:30pm

NYC,USA (GMT -1) 1pm to 4:30pm
Hong Kong (GMT +8) 01am to 4:30am (Next Day)

 Classes will be recorded and made available for later viewing, in the student area.
The information needed to access the course
and its dynamics will be sent after registration. 
Class replays will be up to December 1st

Class Tuition

Registrations on or before May 15


New Students                      300 €/ 300 USD

Reviewing students*        180 €/ 180 USD

JSJ Organizers**                150 €/ 150 USD


Registrations as of May 17

New students                       330 €/ 330 USD

Reviewing students*        198 €/ 198 USD

JSJ Organizers**                165 €/ 165 USD

#Registration for this class is closed, through this website#


* Reviewing students are those who have attended at least one 5-day self-help class with these 2 instructors.  

** JSJ Organizers are JSJ Inc. Organizers.

Questions: +55 41 995 041 042

Class Translator

Maria Rita Guedes

Oficial Class Organizers in Curitiba, Brazil

Maria do Rosário Fonseca da Silva Quitério

Silvia Cristina Patzsch

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